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What is this site?

Melty Database is a simple site that helps people who like to watch Melty Blood Actress Again matches find the matches they want to watch.

What's Melty Blood?

Melty Blood is a fun, fast-paced 2-D fighting game that unfortunately never got a North American release. To learn more about Melty Blood, check out HateParade's Intro Pastebin and MeltyBread

Which channels should I select / What do channel choices represent?

What channels comprise the Misc option?

The misc option represents results from channels: yagarc, yuzupeko, kamishiro, and bevarezi. The main reason these four channels are group is because while they offer good content, there are only handfuls of videos availible and adding a checkoption per channel would clutter the already cluttered site.

What should I do if I find a match that has been misrecorded, mistimed, or doesn't work?

Report the match, when we get a second we'll check what's wrong and update it accordingly.

I noticed some of the matches have player names that are different on the video and the report doesn't have an option for this.

There are a number of players who play on clearlamp and use various IDs once. In one case we saw something like 10 different Japanese player playing F-Sion on a #2 palette on only on occassion? Of course this was all the same player, he/she just kept changing. Also J-anson really likes to change names, he has literally 20 different aliases.

Why is the date in American format? i.e. M/D/YYYY

Google Docs' date format.

Any future plans?

We've got the major channels done, we'll be looking to add more miscellanious channels now and who knows what else.

Any way I can contact you guys?

If you prefer to use e-mail, shoot an e-mail to In the top corner you'll see a steam icon, most people who work on the site are from this group.

Is Melty Blood dead?

Not if you believe.